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Lost in the Sugar Jungle?

Do you want to get off sugar? Finding it hard? You are not alone. If you are ready to beat the sugar habit once and for all,  Joan Miller’s new book will show you a way out of the sugar jungle that does not leave you feeling deprived but, rather, delightfully satisfied.

Expert Guide

Joan Miller has been blazing a trail out of the sugar jungle for the past thirty years. Determined to raise her children on healthy foods, without depriving them of special treats,Joan Miller she searched the market for quality products and recipes, but found none. So she rolled up her sleeves and created her own. The results are revolutionary: a sugar-free universe, filled with cookies, cakes, candies, pies and tarts more satisfying than the sugar-laden ones she gladly left behind. And no artificial sweeteners or chemicals anywhere!

A New Way Out

Joan Miller’s A Sweet Life Without Sugar delivers you to a world you probably never knew existed: a delicious and nourishing, sweet-tooth satisfying, Thumb-print cookies SUGAR-FREE & GLUTEN-FREE world! Now your escape route from sugar is lined with mouth-watering goodies created from a palette of natural sweeteners known for their health-enhancing, as opposed to health-depleting properties.

Too Good to Be True?

If you doubt you can make your way out of the sugar jungle, while having your cake and eating it, too, read what former skeptics have to say. Every recipe comes with a long history of rave reviews.

Professionals Agree

Wondering if sugar is really worth worrying about? Join the nearly two million people who have watched Dr. Robert Lustig’s video, "Sugar: The Bitter Truth." You can also read the New York Times article "Is Sugar Toxic?" by Gary Taubes (April 17, 2011). You won’t be sitting on the fence much longer.

A Sweet Life Without Sugar includes:

  • A comprehensive guide to natural alternative sweeteners
  • Truly sugar-free recipes (no sugar, high fructose corn syrup, honey, maple syrup, agave)
  • No artificial sweeteners
  • All gluten-free recipes (dairy-free & egg-free alternatives)
  • More than 50 recipes for cookies, cakes, candies, cupcakes, pies, tarts, pudding, and ice cream
  • Color photos of 21 sweet treats
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